It was July of 2002 when I received an email from someone in Thailand inquiring about finishing a Yorkshire Terrier in Canada. I recognized the name, Ladawan Chothithada, as being a good friend and client of a friend of mine in Washington State, Doreen Hubbard. I knew that the Yorkie would be from very good bloodlines but I always want to see a picture of a dog before I agree to take it on as a "client dog". I need to make sure that the dog is not only of the quality that I would want to show, but that the dog is in proper coat condition for me to be able to do the job that I want to do. Right away I was sent a picture of "Farlow". What a pleasant sight it was to see such a beautiful puppy in such good condition! Farlow's great show attitude was apparent from the beginning, it showed right through the photograph! I agreed to take Farlow and show him to his Canadian championship but explained to Pom that I do not keep client dogs at my home for extended periods of time, I finish them quickly and then they must go back home. This was all agreed to and I looked forward to meeting Farlow, the puppy in the picture that looked so promising.



Well, August rolled around and it was time for Farlow to arrive in Seattle. With the timing as it was, I was coming home from a show and Pom was going with Doreen to a different show, so Pom and I would never meet on that trip. Farlow was left at Doreen's home for me to pick up just a couple of hours later. My friend Ron Stonke and I went into Doreen's home to see the new puppy we were going to start showing, we saw this beautiful, leggy, outgoing puppy standing up in the play pen wanting to be picked up, it was Farlow! Ron and I picked him up and stacked him on the table and knew that he would be a winner!

Farlow fit in very well around my home, he was happy and sweet and was a real hit with my husband! Just two days later we went to our first show. I had moved Farlow on our driveway at home and he moved jut as I thought he would, like a star, but when we got to the show (that was outdoors) and I put him down on the grass, he looked up at me and lifted up every paw that he could to get off of this prickly stuff! We realized that Farlow had never felt grass under his feet in Bangkok so we knew we had some work to do. The very next show Farlow went in the ring like a professional! He won a Best Puppy In Group right away, followed by two more! Farlow finished the rest of his Canadian Championship in short order and it came time for Farlow to go home. Pom was coming to Canada at the end of October and she wondered where Farlow would go until she arrived. By that time Farlow was a really big hit around my house and I didn't really want to see him go, so Farlow stayed.

Pom wanted to see her boy show at the Canadian Yorkshire Terrier National Specialty in October, so we entered Farlow. We couldn't believe it when he won BEST IN SPECIALTY as a puppy!!! Next thing we knew, Pom wanted Ron and I to come and show Farlow in Thailand and the big show last November. Farlow finished his Thai Championship in just three days! The big Yorkies Specialties in New York were just a couple of months away and we knew that Farlow's career could not end so young, Farlow needed to be an American Champion too! So Farlow returned to Canada with me, less that three weeks since he left. His American Championship was exciting to say the least! Farlow won at Specialties and All-breed shows, under breeder-judges and all-rounder judges, but Farlow truly won our hearts!

Farlow's return home to Thailand this July was truly magical! What a better way to return home, than to have Farlow's fans cheering him on at ringside, and for Farlow to win BEST IN SHOW!!! Farlow, his family, his friends, and his fans, are THE BEST!

Jennifer Shaw